Welcome to CraftLand!

We are excited to introduce our website by answering a couple of simple, but important questions.



What is CraftLand?

CraftLand is a digital marketplace joining crafty artisans and people seeking exceptional products. The goal is not to create another e-shop, but a true community of people whose primary goal is to support creative thinking, new ideas, and to promote unique goods.

We created CraftLand to give all creative people an opportunity and an easy way to share ideas, advertise products, and be a part of a unique ecosystem. All of this without having to overcome technical hurdles, so that you can focus purely on what makes you happy – your skills, passion, art, hobby, products, crafts and share the joy with everyone.


Why CraftLand?

We believe that the name CraftLand depicts the main idea as a symbiosis of two elements:

  • Craft – skill, art, handmade production, inspired by traditions, producing exceptional items.
  • Land – place pursuing common interests, aiming for prosperity and growth in every sense.

Let’s combine these simple words with Swiss people and we get a cocktail never seen before. Switzerland is unique, not only for our cantons and multiple languages that might seem to divide us. A closer look reveals unity, patriotism, respect for traditions and a love of quality, resulting in unique products since many centuries.


Is that it?

Not at all! We would like to take it one step further, and to allow for a closer connection between people from different cantons. So that the ones from Geneva can discover hidden gems from Graubünden and Thurgau, that our friends from Obwalden can see the treasures of Shaffhausen and Valais, so that Zurich can share ideas with Bern, and overall – that all Swiss of all cantons can proudly present their products to each other.


What about the rest of the World?

Switzerland is our primary focus. On the other hand, we do not want to set hard limits and we are not forgetting about the rest of the World either. Unique handmade products from every corner of the Earth are welcome!


Can we sell and buy anything?

CraftLand promotes any products that are unique, crafty, and of high quality. Moreover, they have to be hand made or coming from a low volume production such as an artist atelier, designer shop or a small family business. 

We are open to everyone, and you can promote anything from hand made badges, through chic clothes, elegant decorations, sparkly accessories, up to great paintings and sculptures. 

These are just several examples, all applicable conditions are available here.


Why is CraftLand better than other websites?

Our goal is to accumulate as many unique producers and products as possible, all under one roof. 

By doing this, we will provide customers with a large portfolio of special products and creations to choose from, without the need to visit many different websites.

On the other hand, sellers will advertise their products to a large number of potential clients in comparison to a single personal or business website. Increasing the products' visibility and chance to be discovered.


Sounds great! I want to join as a seller, what do I do?

We are happy to hear that!

You can simply create your own seller account, your personal e-shop in a couple of clicks and can start shortly selling your products.

You will also need a Stripe account to receive payments. No worries, we will guide you through the process during registration.

Fill in the details about yourself, your shop and items you are promoting. Make it as pretty as you can!

Add products to your new shop, upload photos, describe them, and perhaps propose their options.

Don’t forget to become a part of the community, chat with other sellers and clients using our messaging system.

Last but not least, share links and tell others.

You can find all applicable conditions here.


Sounds great! I want to join as a customer, what do I do?

It is very easy!

Click here to register or simply log in using your social network account such as Facebook or Google.

Fill-in your profile, put a nice photo, and start browsing the products of all our seller’s products nicely categorized for your convenience.

That is not all – you can create a list of favorite sellers, add comments and reviews to their shops and products, as well as create your own wish lists.

Oh, and not to forget our great messaging system! You can simply chat with any of our sellers to ask a question about their skills and portfolio.

Did you find something that you like? Simply put it in your cart and finish the order by paying using any of the available options.


We are striving to provide all of us with the best experience. Therefore, we are grateful for any suggestion, feedback, or a question. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact form.


Your CraftLand Team