CraftLand Step by Step Guide

We are happy you have decided to join us, welcome!

This guide provides you with all the necessary information on how to create and manage your shop at CraftLand. It also contains tips on how to start promoting and selling on our marketplace and offers you links to other interesting resources.

If you are new to, make sure to check our GTCs and get familiar with selling fees to make sure that selling your products on our marketplace is the right channel for you.


Table of contents:



1. Do I need a business license to sell on CraftLand?

2. Short guide to CraftLand Fees



1. Registration

2. Stripe account creation

3. Request approval

4. Administration panel login

5. Shop policies

6. Shop personalisation

7. More than one shop at CraftLand

8. Adding products



1. What can I sell on

2. Prohibited items

3. What should I do if I find a listing that violates CraftLand conditions?

4. Are sold out products automatically removed from my shop?

5. How to add a new product

6. Product translations

7. Product cloning

8. Product shipping



1. Difference

2. Options

3. Variations

4. Variations tab

5. Products tab

6. How to hide, disable, activate, or delete variations



1. View orders

2. How to complete an order and inform the customer about its tracking number?

3. Sales report

4. Shipments

5. How do I contact the buyer?

6. Declined orders



1. Transactions

2. Balance and Withdrawals

3. Stripe Account tab

4. Stripe dashboard language

5. Stripe account validation

6. Refunds




1. Do I need a business license to sell on CraftLand?

CraftLand doesn’t require sellers to have a business license to register and sell on CraftLand. However, when selling on CraftLand, you are required to follow all laws applicable to you as an individual or a business entity selling online. Please contact a qualified professional for all relevant information.


2. Short guide to CraftLand Fees

Firstly and most importantly, you do not pay anything until you sell.

Buyers – your customers do not pay any fees except the product and shipping costs.

All fees applicable to Sellers – you, are simple and transparent, with no hidden surprises.

To start with, there are no fees associated with:

    • Creating and managing your shop
    • Creating your Stripe account needed to process payments and payouts
    • Adding an unlimited amount of product listings
    • Adding banners and logos
    • Closing your shop

Fees applicable to sellers are the following and are linked to usage of our marketplace, and for using our Stripe payment gateway.

  • CraftLand Commission:
    • Is a fee that CraftLand charges when a customer purchase items from your shop.
    • The Commission is automatically deducted from each transaction.
    • The commission is not visible in your Stripe account. The amount visible on your Stripe account is a net profit that will be transferred to your bank account once requested.
    • Currently, the commission is fixed to 0%* from the total order price without shipping and is automatically collected after subtracting a Stripe transaction fee – see below for details and examples.
    • No other fees – such as monthly charges are being invoiced to sellers by CraftLand.
  • Stripe transaction fees – 2.9% + CHF 0.30 for each transaction.
  • Stripe monthly fee – CHF 2.
    • For an active Stripe account having at least one pay-out during a calendar month.
  • Stripe pay-out fee – 0.25% of the pay-out + CHF 0.55.

 Below you can see some examples how these fees work (for a 7.5% Commission):

Product price

(incl. shipping)

CraftLand Fee

Stripe Transaction Fee

Seller Gets

CHF 1.00

CHF 0.0335

CHF 0.33

CHF 0.64

CHF 5.00

CHF 0.2275

CHF 0.45

CHF 4.32

CHF 10.00

CHF 0.4705

CHF 0.59

CHF 8.94

CHF 100.00

CHF 4.84

CHF 3.20

CHF 91.96

 * 0% commission is applicable to 50 first sellers registering on CraftLand, having a “Co-Founder” membership. Commission of 7.5% is going to be applied to all further seller accounts having “Starter” memberships.



Follow these steps to create your seller account and an associated Stripe account for pay-outs.

1. Registration

Fill out the registration form: Become a Seller and indicate whether you are an "Individual Seller" or a "Registered Company". This will influence the type of a Stripe payment account - personal (simpler) vs. company (more detailed). 

You can leave a short message of up to 50 characters in the “Your Craft” section, shortly describing your products - such as “Wooden home decorations”, “Colorful abstract paintings.” or “Knitted toys”.

Finish by clicking the “Submit” button at the bottom.


2. Stripe account creation

We are using Stripe to automatically process all payments. It is a well-known global platform well suited for sites such as CraftLand, permitting secure credit card payment processing.

You will be automatically redirected to a Stripe website to set up your Stripe account, which is mandatory before starting selling on CraftLand.

The default Stripe language is English. You can simply change it by clicking on “English (GB)” at the bottom right part of the screen and selecting your preferred language.


1. Fill out your contact information including your phone number, to which a verification code is going to be sent. Hit the "Next" button.





2. You will receive a 6-digit code on your cell phone. Type it in to be redirected to the next step.

3. Fill in your contact information.

4. Enter your business website - simply enter ““ and click "Next".


5. This is the last and the most crucial step in creating your Stripe account. You will have to indicate the IBAN of your bank account to receive payments.

6. Check one more time, if ALL information you entered is correct. If yes, please finish the Stripe account set up by clicking “Save”.


7. You will be redirected back to and you will see following message:

8. We will review your account details and shortly approve your request if there is nothing missing. Otherwise, we will contact you to fill in any blanks.


3. Request approval

Once your request is approved and your account created, you will receive a confirmation email with your login and initial password as the one shown in the example below:




4. Administration panel login

1. Please go to and log in with the credentials you received. You will be prompted to change your password.




 2. Welcome to the administration panel of your new shop!

This is a very important part of the website which is used for administration of your shop, products, and to process orders.

It provides you with an overview of your income, sales and products. The time period being shown can be changed in the top right corner.


5. Shop policies

There are important steps to take to complete your shop setup before you start selling. Please keep in mind crucial details such as production times, your shop policies and your shipping plans. Don’t forget to address following key settings.

Click on your shop name in the top left corner to start:



Fill in the “Terms and Conditions” tab:

  • Fill in the full and official terms and conditions that will be applicable to your customers when placing orders.

 Fill in the “Shop Policies” tab: 

  • Outline all your policies for shipping, returns, exchanges, payments, custom items, or any other guidelines that are important for your clients to know before they make a purchase. This information will be shown in your profile.
  • This is a shorter version of the full “Terms and Conditions” to provide an overview of all main conditions.

Please note that CraftLand is a multilingual marketplace and the "Terms and Conditions" as well as "Shop Policies" should be translated, or at least copied to other languages. This is to ensure that all the texts show up even if your customer changes the website language.

You can change languages by clicking on little flag in the top left part of the window.

6. Shop personalisation

Banner and shop logo can be updated in the “Logos” tab. Remember to upload photos or pictures that highlight the style of your shop and will make a strong first impression on shoppers. 

·        Please stick to the image size recommendations below for the best result.

    • Banner size: 1200 x 380 pixels
    • Logo size: 340 x 340 pixels
    • Invoice logo size:  200 x 200 pixels

The website is great for photo resizing, do not hesitate to use it. Contact us if needed, we will be happy to help you out.

“Description” tab: is the place to describe your shop, share the story behind your products, how your business started, and what is your vision.

Please note that CraftLand is a multilingual marketplace and the content of the "About Us" tab should be translated, or at least copied to other languages.  This is to ensure that all the texts show up even if your customer changes the website language.

You can change languages by clicking on little flag in the top left part of the window.


Shop members:  The menu "Vendors" -> "Store Administrators" allows you to create account(s) for any staff members that are helping you with the shop and order management.


7. More than one shop at CraftLand

Yes, you can! If you would like to distinguish your items and create a second or even a third shop, you can easily do it.

To open an additional shop

  1. Sign out from your existing shop
  2. Click on Become a Seller
  3. You will have to create a new account using an email address that is not associated with your other shop, and follow the usual registration process as described above in the “HOW TO OPEN YOUR NEW SHOP” section of this guide.

To sum up:

  • You can create as many shops as you wish, but is the best to have one main shop for all products, to become a distinguished brand for your customers.
  • You will have to create a new Stripe account during registration of each new shop. You will be able to associate the same bank account with multiple Stripe accounts for pay-outs.
  • You will not be able to use the email address already associated with another account/shop.


8. Adding products

 Once you are done with your shop settings, you are ready to start adding your products. 




1. What can I sell on CraftLand?

CraftLand promotes any products that are unique, crafty, and of a high quality. Moreover, they must be handmade or coming from a low volume production such as an artist atelier, designer shop or a small family business.

We are open to everyone, and you can promote anything from handmade badges, through chic clothes, elegant decorations, sparkly accessories, up to great paintings and sculptures. 


2. Prohibited items

Some type of items are prohibited from selling on CraftLand, such as:

  • Food and food supplements
  • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, and medical drugs
  • Certain animal products and human remains
  • Samples, Services and Rentals
  • Dangerous items, including hazardous materials, recalled items, and weapons
  • Hate items, including items that promote, support, or glorify hatred
  • Illegal items, items promoting illegal activity, and highly regulated items
  • Internationally regulated items
  • Pornography and mature content
  • Violent items, including items that promote, support, or glorify violence
  • Goods that violate copyright law, especially copies, copies of known works, or goods that do not have all copyrights settled.

These are just several examples, please remember that it is always your responsibility to make sure your shop and its items are in compliance with our policies and conditions, as well as with applicable laws. All applicable conditions are available HERE.


3. What should I do if I find a listing that violates CraftLand's conditions?

You can report a listing that appears to violate our policies by sending us a message using the contact form available at Our administrator will review and remove any listings that violate our policies.


4. Are sold out products automatically removed from my shop?

 The sold-out items are not automatically removed from your shop. There will be “Out of Stock” information in the product tab to clearly mark them.

You can easily deactivate such products in the menu "Products" -> Products -> by changing their status from "Active" to "Disabled" or "Hidden". Disabled products will not be shown to customers. Hidden products will be accessible only using a direct link.

If you wish to put the item back to your shop, just change again the quantity from zero to the quantity you have on hand and change the Status as described above from "Disabled" or "Hidden" to "Active". The item will be automatically visible for customers.


5. How to add a new product

The following 4 simple steps are needed to add an article to your portfolio:

  • Log in to your shop.
  • Access the "Products" menu.
  • Create a new product, write down its description, select product category (or categories), upload pictures and set the inventory.
  • Translate the product description to the other 2 languages, or at least copy the same text to other language variations.

Afterwards, you can define advanced parameters such as product variations and/or options, as needed.


1. Log in to your seller’s profile at


2. Go to “Products” tab, right above the DASHBOARD sign on the left.


3. Select “Products” again from the drop down menu:



4. If this is your very first product, the list will be empty. 

You can add new product by clicking on the “+” sign (Swiss flag) on top right side.


 5. New Product page will guide you to fill out the most important information about the product such as its Name, Category, Price, and its description.

To find the categories that fit the your product the best, please click on the icon on the right of the "Categories" field, to see the entire category tree. You can then select one or more of them. Please, do not select the main categories such as "Accessories" or "Fine Art", but always find the most precise match. 


Do not forget to add nice pictures to attract customers. You can drag and drop your pictures here or click on “Select images” and you can select images to be added. Product images cannot be larger than than 15 megabytes. 

ImageCompressor (  is a great website to shrink your images, if needed.