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We provide each seller with special features allowing…


Promotion and sale of your handmade products by managing your own personalized e-shop.

Advanced product parameters, efficient order management, free and paid promotions, and more.


Creation of a free shop with unlimited products and no monthly fees.

Waiting is over, start selling right away with no risk!


Interactive communication with clients

Chat instantly through a built-in messenger.


Automatic payouts and reports.

Optimized and easy payout system for your sales.


Multi-language environment

Attract customers from multiple regions regions.


On top of it, here are the advantages you get from CraftLand in comparison with similar websites…

Lowest commission on the market

Current 0%, as well as future 5% and 7.5% sale commissions are well below 10 – 13% (excl. credit card fees) being charged by similar websites. We can achieve this by using advanced technical solutions keeping our running costs down. Furthermore, we enjoy working with creative people, financial benefit is not the primary goal of the CraftLand project. Please consult this page for details about all the fees.  


Quick setup and detailed guides

Registration, shop configuration, and a creation of your first product take only a couple of minutes. To get the best result, we have created very detailed guides showing the process step by step and we are happy to help you whenever you need a helping help.

High quality and uniqueness

High quality and unique nature of presented articles is of paramount importance. We do not allow any products, just to have a large inventory.


Flexible team

We are interested in your feedback and are trying to improve the seller and client experience on a daily basis. If you are missing any function or feature, just let us know and we will be happy to help you out. Such flexibility is often not possible elsewhere.


Personal support

We are striving to provide you with the best support possible, whether it is the first day at CraftLand, or after 5 years, whether you have 1 product or 100, we will always do our best for you – our client.


Fast and easy payouts

Your profits and account balance is clearly visible after each sale, and it is you who can set the frequency of payouts. There is no need to wait 2 weeks, or a month, or even to pay back to site owners for their services.


Multilingualism everywhere

CraftLand has full support of multiple languages, whether we are talking about seller profiles, product descriptions, orders, or invoices. The language is set according to seller or customer preferences, to facilitate sales and all the communication.

These are the top 7, but there are many more.

All of this for a 0%* sale commission.

Join us now, and discover what CraftLand is really about!
It is very easy - create a Seller account and follow our step by step Guides.


*For the first 2 months and without credit card fees (2.9%).